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You might have read me in an in-flight magazine, or a beer publication, but here on my own blog I'm liberated from the editorial shackles of others so anything goes.

I deal with real food and drink in the real world, aiming to create recipes that taste awesome, but which can be created by mere mortals without the need for tons of specialist equipment and a doctorate in food science. Likewise, I tend to review relaxed establishments that you might visit on a whim without having to sell your first-born, rather than hugely expensive restaurants and style bars in the middle of nowhere with a velvet rope barrier, a stringent dress code and a six-month waiting list!

There's plenty of robust opinion, commentary on the world of food and drink, and lots of swearing, so look away now if you're easily offended.

Otherwise, tuck your bib in, fill your glass and turbo-charge your tastebuds. We're going for a ride... Ben Appetit!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Non-evasive answers to existential questions

So, what are we doing? Why are we here? Why am I writing this new blog? Why are you reading it?

Well, to put it simply: I done likes me food, and I done likes me drink, and I done do writing'n'shit, and if you add up all them there things and multiply them by the internet, you come up with this blog what I'm done writing.

Makes sense, no?

Teh Wharf

I shall be reviewing eateries and drinkeries, mostly around the Canary Wharf area initially as that's where I'm based, and there will be general comment on developments in the epicurean realm. As you'll have undoubtedly noticed a couple of days ago, I moaned about the dubious gourmetness of gourmet burgers in my first blogpipe here - and that's pretty much the kind of thing you can expect.

I daresay there'll be some comment on the beer and brewing scene from time to time (and you can, of course, read my beer writing in the London Drinker magazine, available in all good pubs in the London area).

I hugely enjoy cooking myself (not in the auto-cannibalistic sense, obviously), so there'll be recipes from time to time, which is a tad ironic as I'm from the 'never ever bother with following recipes ever' school of cookery.

You'll learn what I adore (anchovies), what I despise (margarine), and what I'm utterly indifferent to (sauvignon blanc). You'll also learn how to dress a crab wearing only a pair of skimpy briefs. 

I do hope we can enjoy this journey of good food and good drink together, in good company.

No? OK, fuck off then. I don't care.

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