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Friday, August 19, 2016

BV London Pub of the Year 2015-16 - the results

Winning stuff is great.

Team GB is having the best overseas Olympics ever and might even pip China to second place in the medals table which would be a bloody fantastic achievement. If any of our medalists are reading - I'll buy you a pint. And that goes for all those unlucky fourth-place finishers too. Maybe there should be some sort of Tin medal for them or something?

Dominating the competition...
Now we can all safely forget about how shit England were in the footie, and enjoy some real sport. Watching the athletics always makes me want to go out and buy a load of javelins.

But it's not the only big competition exciting us this Summer - there are trophies (well, a trophy) to be awarded in the BV London Pub of Year.

As always, last year's top five were pitted against five new challengers, rated on beer range, cask ale quality, food, atmosphere and just about anything else that can make a pub good or bad.

For the last couple of years that trophy has graced the top of the bottle fridge at a certain Clerkenwell hostelry, and no, I can't believe that I just used the word 'hostelry', but will it be heading somewhere new?!?

So, without further ado...

This year fifth place goes to a PotY regular, and home to one of London's many breweries, the Tap East in Stratford. It might not win a best toilet competition, but a combination of interesting craft beers brewed on site and well-kept guests make it a destination I return to, time after time.

In fourth, edging up a place from last year, we have the Pelt Trader, one of the finest pubs in the City of London where you can enjoy stunning pizzas alongside some of the best kept and most competitively priced beer in Central London.

London's best pub hosts Britain's best brewery?
And so, for the second year running, we have a podium full of Craft Beer Co. pubs.

The 'Bronze', if you like, goes to the Craft Beer Co. Clapham, home of the fuck-awesome #Craft100 beer festival, and a place that has really widened the beer choice in that part of South London with imperial stouts, sours, fruit beers and other goodies.

Third place again for Clapham means it's another Runner-Up spot for the Covent Garden branch boasting possibly the greatest range of beers in the country.

And so, the winner, the gold medalist, the Usain Bolt of the London beer scene is, once again, the Craft Beer Co. Clerkenwell.

There is nothing else I need to say about this place. Winning four years out of five says it all.

Well done guys - you did it yet again!


  1. The original beer exhibition. Love Leather Lane.

  2. The original beer exhibition. Love Leather Lane.

  3. Same old winner... Try drinking somewhere else!

  4. Love the Craft, probably edge Covent Garden over Clerkenwell but that's just me.


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