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Friday, May 9, 2014

The 16 species of Beer Drinker

What are the two things we like most in this world?

That's right. Beer. Beer and...

Venn Diagrams! Everybody loves Venn Diagrams, right?
So, where do you fit in?

What? Why? Who?

Obviously, I'm right where the action is!
I was wondering the other day, am I the only unashamed ticker who is also a beer writer, a CAMRA member and, dare I say it, a little bit crafterati too?

I concluded that, quite possibly, I am, making me the sole occupant of the four-way intersection - though I know lots of people who are comfortably ensconced in the various 3- and 2-way intersections.

Fuck, I even know 'normal' people who occupy the lower ellipse. We'll call them 'species 16', though for the purposes of this exercise, they are the curious anomaly, despite probably being constituting the vast majority of the population outside of Sheffield and Hackney.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone else who genuinely ticks all four boxes. It's getting lonely in that centre quadrant...


  1. I think I am any and all of them, dependent on my mood!

  2. Well my camra membership lapsed so I think I'm technically in the bottom section

  3. I know a good many folk who occupy the same box as you, myself included, although the 'ticker' thing is a little less consuming than it used to be.
    I'm sure if you asked around a bit more then you wouldn't feel quite so lonely in the middle there.

  4. Yeah, the 'ticker' thing seems to be the big divider. I know CAMRA members who don't have much time for tickers (or indeed crafterati hipster types, come to that) and there are plenty of CAMRA-bashing tickers - including some who are happy to go to their beerfests if there are enough winners on the list.

    It would be interesting to print out the diagram as a poster, put them up in a few different kinds of pub and get the customers to stick a pin in the intersection that they feel best respresents them.

  5. I wonder if maybe there should be an intersection between the normals at the bottom and CAMRA, for those people who only join for the wethies vouchers.


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