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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Reindeer Love

OK, something a bit different. Nothing to do with food, nothing to do with restaurants, nothing to do with recipes, nothing, even, to do with pubs and beer, unless you count the several pints I enjoyed at the Radius Arms following a long, hard day in the studio.

You still with me? Good. Now, what I need you to do today is to go and download Reindeer Love by Adam Antler. Yes, it's me. All me. I sing and play all the instruments. And I'd really like to have a Christmas No. 1.

Christmas No. 1 2017?
Actually I'd settle for a Christmas No. 72. In Finland. But it would be great to even make the lower reaches of the chart, and any royalties from the song will be going to Animal charities.

Better than backing the X-Factor winner, yes? And surely better than seeing the Festive charts clogged up with the same old songs that rise back up there every single fucking year, now that you aren't required to actually release a physical disc any more. (Anybody who thought that change in the rules would be good for breaking new artists hadn't seen Christmas coming, clearly!)

What's the song again? It's Reindeer Love by Adam Antler. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, anywhere you would go to download music, so feel free to buy it multiple times from different places!

If the name sounds familiar, I did write it for Christmas 2006 and performed it live a couple of times around the Ipswich area, but this is an all new proper, professional recording from a real studio and everything. It even has bells on it, just in case you hadn't realised it was Christmas.

Now go and buy it. It only costs a few pence. Animal charities will benefit, and, well, it's a slightly quirky novelty festive song. It's Reindeer Love by Adam Antler. Do it now.

Reindeer Love Photo Gallery

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